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Our Mission:

To speed up the adoption of today’s technologies.

I founded The Beacons out of frustration.

I qualified as a CPA, worked with Accenture and then start-ups. By 2019 I ‘d spent 5 years working around a technology called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It was invented in 2002, but in 2016 it was just about to take off.

It is the same for Cloud or Blockchain or any other wave of New Tech.

There is a 10-15 year lag between something being “possible” and it becoming “mainstream”. In that time there is so much lost value and opportunity.

So I set out to start speeding up the rate of adoption of new technologies and the new businesses that they make possible.

Phase 1 is about helping you get in front of your ideal client, educating them and selling to them. That way you grow faster, and the world becomes a better place sooner.

That’s why we focus on Content – creating a “weekly wall of Content”, so you can get your message in front of your exact target clients… while only taking you 60 minutes each week.