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How It Works

Our Methodology Gets You All The Content You Need – In 1 Hour A Week


Video Content is the most powerful way of spreading your message. And not just any video Content – content that shows your expertise, and the people who drive your brand.
We plan the Content with you. A videographer comes to you. We record great quality content. And then we edit it.



One of the things we love about video is that it also allows you to have great text-based Content. Starting with the video, we create written content that can be used as blog posts, posts, or newsletters. It is heavy with the right keywords and search-terms, so you get found even more easily. And Google loves it.


Nothing captures attention like powerful images, even when the viewer only has a split second to look at it.

The copywriting and the videos give us the starting point for the creating those eye-catching images. With that, you have more content, for more channels.

Audio Too

From your video, we have amazing audio. With our editing, and the addition of an intro and an outro, you have your podcast, ready for all podcast platforms.

You can use this to open up to new audiences and to educate and keep engaging with your existing clients.



You now have all the Content you need, in all formats. That allows us to get you out onto all possible channels. Your video will rank #1 or #2 on YouTube. Google will rank your content well. And you’ll be bringing in audiences from all the channels.

Analysis and Optimization

Upfront, we do research. Then creativity. Then engineering. All along, we’re tracking and measuring. We’re seeing what is working, and what needs adapted. You’ll be finding audiences you expected to find; and new audiences that you didn’t expect. All along, the data will be there. And we’ll be analyzing it for you.