Want Faster Growth?

The right Marketing Strategy.

With the energy of strong Content.

And the power of effective Marketing.

Together, we help more people find you, and engage with you.

That way, you make the world a better place, faster.


Our Services

Marketing and Brand Strategy. Content Creation.

High visibility distribution. Data driven decisions.

Marketing Strategy

Creating the strategy to guide your growth, and defining the specific actions to take.

Brand Strategy

Building the right identity for everything you do, online and offline.

Content Creation

Giving you the Content that your audience is already looking for, in all formats.

Content Distribution

Getting your Content seen by as many people, on the most amount of channels.

Content Ranking

Ensuring your Content ranks highly on Google and YouTube.

Data And Analysis

Capturing and interpreting the information that will help you achieve your growth.

It's About Your Growth.

Starting out? Or taking your business to the next level?

Your business solves a specific need. You know it works. You know the world will benefit from it.

Now, all you need is for more people to really know the value you create. That way, the world becomes a better place, sooner. .

Hours Of Content


Increased Traffic

#1 Search Rankings

Creativity + Data

We have a very unusual combination of creative and numerical talents.

We use Data to understand what Content your audience is already looking for.

And we have the Creativity to make the right Content.

Then we have the processes to distribute it.

Everything is tracked, so you get a clear picture of what is working, and what needs to be changed.

That way, you learn what is driving your growth, and your ROI gets a lot clearer.

With a formula for growth you have more control over your destiny.

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Talk to us. You’ll instantly see our passion.

But more than that.

We believe that Technology offers us all the chance to make our world a better place.

B2C or B2B? It doesn’t matter.

Your business is addressing a real need.

You are fixing an issue that is real to your audience.

So, the sooner the world finds out about you, the sooner that problem is solved.


Years for a new service to go mainstream.

Lost value from delays in adoption.

Answers to Your Questions

What is Marketing Strategy?

This is what guides you. It is 100% specific to your goals. This is where you start. But it is nothing without execution.. That’s why we focus on building the Strategy and your “next 90 day” action plan.

Why is Content essential?

Content can be anything – from influencer videos through to design for paid ads. Without it, Marketing is a bit difficult. Creating Content can be slow. But our model does this very efficiently, getting you all the Content you need, for all possible Channels.

How do you know what Content works?

We do a lot of research into your exact target market. We find out what they are already looking for. This is what drives your Content Plan. So you are not shooting blind.

What results can you expect?

Every organization has different objectives. Leads. Downloads. Sales. What we commit to is specific results from any campaign. The Strategy and Content Planning process is where we will shape this. What we also commit to is the most organic, and long lasting, forms of growth, with amazing rankings on Google and YouTube – as well as the right impact on all of the other Channels that make sense for your audience.

What Content works the best?

Your audience is using all possible Channels. Humans react best to video content. In most cases “video first, not video-only” is our maxim. By starting with video, we can create huge amounts of non-video Content that will capture attention on all possible channels. Remember – your audience is likely to be using all of them.

Our Latest Projects

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Robotic Automation

Helping 5 year old business build and distribute Content to help drive growth.

On Demand Photography

Strategy and Content as legacy business transformed to a Tech model.

Food Delivery Service

Brand strategy and growth marketing for  innnovative food delivery start-up.


I founded The Beacons out of frustration with my own businesses. It was taking too long for ideas to go from being “possible” to “mainstream”. And it wasn’t just me. Technologies like Cloud computing or even services like Shazam were launched in the late 1990’s but weren’t mainstream until 12-15 years later. If we can speed up the rate of adoption, then our world can get better, faster.

Edward Brooks

Founder, The Beacons

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