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The Legal Tech Growth Problem

How to get in front of the Decision-Makers who buy Legal Tech,
in Law Firms, General Counsel departments, and Alternative Legal Service Providers






Are you growing your Legal Tech business?

Are you targeting lawyers?

Law firms?

In-house general counsel?

Alternative legal service providers?

If so, that’s great news…

You have a very defined audience.

Even better, they have the exact problem that you can solve.

So, the big question is “why are you not growing faster?”


I’m going to break down this issue – , the issue facing most Legal Tech businesses.

And you are not alone.

In our work, across multiple areas of “New Tech”, this is the exact problem that they all face.

They are targeting clear, defined audience.

But… it is taking a long time for that audience to find out about them.

Here’s The Problem

The problem starts with these simple facts

1. Your audience is there,

2. They are suffering with the exact problem you solve,

3. They haven’t found you… yet.




Not everyone is going to really “get” what you do – that’s just life!




But in 2022 there are enough forward thinking legal practitioners, 

open to new ideas and new ways of working.

And today, more than ever, there are so many ways to get to these exact audiences.

You can use Paid Ads,

Content Marketing,

Cold Email,

Direct targeting on LinkedIn,

…and so many more.

While we’re on this subject, I want to dispel one myth…

… Just because you are a B2B Tech Business, doesn’t mean that your audience is only on LinkedIn.


Yes, it’s the main B2B channel, and you should be using it extensively.

Just remember who your audience really is.

They are all human beings, with a real life, and real interests outside of work!

So they are going to be on multiple channels, including LinkedIn.



Just think about how you use social media.

I know I prefer Instagram and YouTube – and never touch Facebook or Pinterest.

But everyone is different.

And your audience will be using some combination of all social channels.

There is are further bonus from this understanding where your audience REALLY is.

It is this… your competitors are thinking and operating like you, until you started reading this page….

Your competitors are only using LinkedIn!

This means that all those other channels – the channels that your audience also use – are wide open.

What’s more, is that someone who is on Pinterest on a Sunday morning or YouTube on a Wednesday evening actually has more time to stop and digest your message.

They don’t have that time on a Tuesday morning between meetings or a Friday afternoon as they try to finish up for the weekend.

Your Audience’s Decision-Making Process In 2022

You need to understand how your target decision-maker actually makes decisions today, in 2022.

They don’t do this alone.

They do it in what I call decision-making clusters.

It is highly collegiate.

So, if your target is the General Counsel… they are sourcing ideas from many different places.

They’ll be talking to friends and ex-colleagues.

They’ll be listening to consultants or other lawyers they work with.

They’ll be reading industry publications.

All the time, getting data-points that get them to investigate new technologies and ways of working.

And it is the same for a lawyer running their own practice.

Or a senior operations leader at a Legal Services Provider.

So you, your Legal Tech business, your solutions, need to be known by a wide range of parties.

But Your NEXT Big Problem

As with any early-stage business, you are running fast, with everyone doing several roles.

Within that, the chances are that you have one or two marketing resources.

And they really have the most difficult challenge.

In theory, there are all these channels to get to your audience – way more than ever before.





  • Each of these channels is totally unique

  • They require deep skills and understanding of how they really work

  • To post content on these channels you have to first create the content

  • Then you need to get it onto each channel

  • Then you need to make sure it is being seen on those channels – and building a following just takes time, once you have the Content

  • Then there are paid ads…

  • If you run paid ads on, say Google, you need to understand how to set up the ads effectively and efficiently.

  • You then need to be able to have lots of ads, images, videos and messages – continuously testing at scale, to see what works best.

  • Then you have to do the same on the other channels – LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc

  • And it is not just for paid ads.

  • You need to be creating Content too – Content that positions you as experts.

  • Now, more than ever, this has to have video content – the days of writing long blogs are over.

  • And you need to have this Content on all the platforms. And as with Paid Ads, even just posting organic content means that you have to understand

Being Seen As The Experts

Content, more than ever, is essential.

Yes, it helps for your Paid Ads

But, in the modern buying process, people hear about you for the first time or second time from their internal or external network.


And they decide to look deeper – to find out what you really do.

They go to your website.

And they go to your social media.

If they can clearly understand what you do.

AND you have strong presence, with followers (Note – followers = social proof), then they are more likely to take action and engage with you.

And all of this needs Content.

Also, it needs “social proof” Content.

Being Seen As An Authority

Yes, having Content that has traction (views, likes, shares etc.) on Channels where you have a verified audience (followers, subscribers etc.)… that is important to your potential client.

But, if you are seen in major publications, then suddenly you are positioned as an authority.

A Google search that shows you being quoted in major publications – that is gold dust.

Creating Content… Getting a following…. Being seen in Tier 1 publications….

Any one of these is a gargantuan task

And somehow, your small marketing team is expected to do this all – and drive leads into your sales pipeline.

Here’s What We See In All Early-Stage Tech Companies

It really isn’t about doing just one thing, and doing it well.

There are multiple things you need to get right. And that requires a lot of skills and resources.

Your teams are highly motivated, with a strong vision and clear goals. That’s a given

But, in every Early-Stage Tech Firm, we see them:

  • Trying to do everything

  • Struggle with Content

  • Struggle with Content in the right formats

  • There is no independent authority for the brand

  • Focussing only on LinkedIn

  • Setting up paid ads, usually on LinkedIn or Google

  • Run 3-4 variations

  • The ads are very broad, not talking to their specific distinct audiences

  • There is no related Content

  • Any Content isn’t targeted for the right stage in the buyer’s journey

  • There are no tailored landing pages to convert

  • There is no follow up email sequences to keep converting

  • So the result is spending $000’s with no results – ROI, ROAS

Solving This Problem

We see all of those issues across all areas of New Tech.

And, none more so than in the Legal Tech space.

This is why we’ve created the Legal Tech Marketing Growth Program – designed to give you:

  • a unique set of tools

  • AND knowledge

  • AND content

  • AND social proof

  • AND proven ads that you can scale


The Legal Tech Marketing Growth Program

How It Works

Step 1 – Positioning You As The Experts – On All Channels

  • We’re going to get you looking strong on all of the main channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest

  • Why? Because you are going to be seen by all of the influencers who guide your decision-maker

  • Then we’re going to create Content – Content, that positions you as the experts

  • We’re going to do this in video – because all of your audience prefers video

  • But we’re also going to leverage that video into all formats – long form and short form videos, blogs, images and audio (for podcasts)

  • This means you’ll have powerful Content going out on all these platforms (plus LinkedIn) every day

  • Then we’re going to start growing your audience on these platforms

  • So that anyone who sees your Content also sees that you have real traction e.g. likes, views, follows, subscribes etc.

  • This gives your audience reassurance that you are real, that you are not “risky” and that others have seen value in what you do (Remember – even forward thinking lawyers are risk-averse).



Step 2 – Getting You Authority

  • Next up, we’re going to get you independent validation of your authority in the Legal Tech space.

  • We’re going to create editorial content. This independent, impartial videos and articles that will educate your audience about the changes taking place across the practice of Law

  • This opens up peoples’ minds to new ideas and ways of working, embedding your name and expertise within it.

  • Our editor/journalist will do several interviews with you, getting your message into different stories about how the legal profession is changing.

  • For the videos – we’re going to have them distributed on the same network that CNN and Fox use to get their syndicated content onto online publications across the world.

  • For the articles – they will be published on Tier 1 brands, such as Business Insider, Inc and Forbes

  • And with this, you get added credibility, independent of your own social channels, plus even wider exposure to new audiences.

Step 3 – Scaling With No Risk

  • You’re going to get you paid ads that work – at no risk to you.

  • Let me explain

    • We’re going to run what I believe will be the largest ever Legal Tech advertising program

    • We’re going to be testing ads at scale – trying out and changing messages, images, videos – to see exactly what works for Legal Tech companies.

    • And we’re going to be doing this at scale, across Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

    • So we’re going to scientifically prove what works

    • And we’re going to know who those exact audiences are, and how to get to them.

  • We’re doing this as our investment – you don’t have to worry about budgets or return on investment.

  • Then we’re going to share these ads with you – and the audiences – and the data behind them

  • So you get ads that you know work, targeting proven audiences, on all the main channels.

  • You can run these yourself or we can run them for you – totally your decision

  • And we’ll keep testing out new ads – and – crucially – new channels – always sharing the exact data with you.

The whole point of this is to get you an online presence that converts and can scale.

To do this on your own will take months and months.

And it will cost you upwards of $50,000 a month.

Plus you’ll be taking all the risk around running paid ads and trying to find a formula that works.

Even if you have that budget, most Legal Tech firms don’t have the skills or capacity to do this.

To find out how you can get all of this…

  • Organic content – positioning you and your teams as experts

  • Real audiences across multiple channels, giving your audience comfort that you are real

  • Editorial content, distributed onto the same platforms as CNN and Fox, and published on the likes of Forbes and Inc – reaching and educating the widest market – and giving your audience independent validation of your brand and capabilities

  • Proven, tested ads that you can take and scale

  • The exact audiences to target with those ads

  • And ongoing access to the data as we continue to test different ads, and different audiences, on channels where you will have zero competition…




We’re Going Live With This In March 2022.

[For A Restricted Group of Legal Tech Firms]

We can’t open this up to everyone.

This is a high-touch process at our end – and we always provide a high-quality service.

[Don’t worry – this takes around 1 hour a week of your time!]

Plus, this data is gold-dust.

If everyone in Legal Tech had access to this kind of data, then they’d all use it.

And there is insane value from being the only player in your area of Legal Tech to have access to it.

That’s why we’re restricting access to this Program.

It starts in March 2022, so sign up for a call below.

In that call we’ll show you exactly how this works, what you will get, how quickly you will see results, and, of course, the detailed pricing.

Again, we’re starting on 15th March.

Just click on link below to schedule time to talk.